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With nearly a decade of experience, Mile High Painting has cemented its reputation as a leading cabinet refinishing contractor in Northern Arizona. Building on that experience we are proud to announce that Mile High Builders is now Arizona’s premier independent MasterBrand Dealer.
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Your best choice for cabinetry

If you are unfamiliar with Modular Cabinetry, let me take a moment to explain why Modular Cabinetry is your best choice for cabinetry on any project. Modular Cabinetry offers all the options and configurations that were traditionally available only with “custom cabinetry”, at a price to fit almost any investment amount. Modular Cabinetry can also offer you something no custom cabinet line can offer you, a Lifetime Warranty!
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Cabinetry Design & Consultation

As a professional courtesy we offer design and consultation services at no cost. And for our Contractor or Builder we offer entry-level options that have expedited lead-times and value pricing that can protect your bottom line in this ever-changing market. For more information or to schedule a consultation please feel free to contact us.

Give yourself the “peace of mind” that comes with having a nationally recognized Lifetime Warranty. No more “taillight warranties” from fly-by-night shops or worrying if your cabinet company will be around in a year from now. 

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MasterBrand is one of the largest cabinet companies in the World. Less than 1% of all cabinet manufactures in the country have the facilities and processes capable of producing amazing Cabinetry at a great price like MasterBrand. Mile High Builders represents 3 of MasterBrand’s most popular lines of cabinetry, Mantra, Diamond, and Omega. Within those three lines we can meet any need from an “investment property” or “flip”, to a Custom “Forever Home” and everything in-between.

Our cabinet lines

Mantra Cabinetry; 3 Doorstyles, 3 Finishes, Expedited Lead-time, Limited Configurations, “Low to Mid” price range. Application: entry-level residential, investment properties, spec homes.
Diamond Cabinetry; Many Doorstyles, Many Finishes, Standard Lead-times, Factory Modifications, Many Configurations, “Mid to High” price range. Application: mid-level residential, investment properties, spec homes.
Omega Cabinetry; Many Doorstyles, Many Finishes, Custom Finishes, Standard “Extended” Lead-times, Many Configurations, Full Customization, “High to Unlimited” price range. Application: High-end custom residential, High-end spec homes.
Kitchen Kompact; 4 Doorstyles, 4 Finishes, Expedited Lead-time, In-stock, Limited Configurations, “Low to Mid” price range. Application: builders’ series, multi-family, NACOG, HUD projects, Rehabs, investment properties.
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