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How long does a kitchen renovation take?

There is no exact timeframe for the completion of a kitchen remodel in Prescott, AZ, as several factors play a role in determining how long the project will take. From the moment you decide on materials, you should plan for the completion date to be several weeks in the future. This is especially true if you are installing custom cabinets, as they usually require about eight to 10 weeks to build. The extent of the renovation, as well as the availability of the materials you choose and the current workload of your contractor, will all play a role in how long the project will require for completion. Once all the materials are ready and demolition is done, the installation process can usually be completed in a few weeks.

What can I do to plan for a kitchen remodel?

The best way to start planning for your kitchen remodel in Prescott, AZ is to look for design inspiration in magazines or online to help you form a clear picture of the look and style you want. Coming into the process with no ideas will only make the process take longer. Once you have narrowed down your options, you should schedule a consultation where you’ll discuss your ideas with a professional. Before any work can begin, you’ll need to clear out the area and remove any personal belongings, so it’s ready on the day the work crew arrives.

What are the typical stages of kitchen remodeling?

There are many stages to a kitchen remodel in Prescott, AZ. Each stage is just as important as the last. Our team will be with you through every single step, keeping you in the loop on the progress we make every day. The basic stages of your renovation will look something like this:


• Demolition: We’ll start by getting rid of all the things that won’t be in your new space. This includes removing old cabinetry, walls, sinks, and appliances.

• Plumbing: If we need to, we will replace the old plumbing in your kitchen, ensuring it’s ready to handle all the new features.

• Electrical: We’ll update all electrical components and replace any old lighting fixtures you no longer want.

• Drywall: Our professional team will install new drywall.

• Paint: We’ll paint the new drywall and existing walls the exact color of your choice.

• Flooring: We’ll add all the new flooring and baseboards.

• Cabinetry: All new cabinetry will be delivered and installed.

• Countertops: The will be installed on top of the new cabinetry.

• Backsplash: If you have chosen to add a backsplash, we will install it under the cabinets and around your sink and stove.

• Appliances: Lastly, all the new appliances will be installed, and any final hardware will be added to cabinetry.

How do I finance a kitchen or bath remodel?

There are several options available to help you finance your kitchen remodel in Prescott, AZ. Perhaps the most prevalent process is a home equity loan or line of credit. These can be used if you have built up equity in your home and are often a popular choice due to the lower interest rates available because they are protected loans. Other financing options include personal loans or low to no interest credit cards. We recommend thoroughly researching each option to determine which is best for you and your financial situation.

Will remodeling a kitchen or bathroom add value to my home?

While there is no doubt remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will improve the value of your home, there is some debate on just how much value it will add. Did you know that according to House Method, mid-range bathroom remodeling projects have an average ROI rate of 70%? Improving your home in any way will likely add value, but because the kitchen is such a focal point of your home, it’s usually the place to get the most bang for your buck. Even though a kitchen renovation will improve your home value, you shouldn’t base your remodel off of your return on investment. The bathroom will also improve the value, but the kitchen is more important if you are looking to remodel to sell. For more information on bathroom remodeling, reach out to us today to speak to an expert bathroom remodeling contractor in Prescott, AZ.

How can I cut costs on a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

While we understand you are likely on a budget when modernizing your kitchen, we don’t suggest cutting corners too drastically. Doing so can result in disappointment with the finished project because you didn’t choose to use the best quality products. You truly do get what you pay for, so the cheaper the price, the lower the quality. The best way to save on your renovation is to postpone parts of the project instead of cutting quality. Our suggestion is to invest your money in the best quality products, even if that means limiting the number of products you buy. For more information, give us a call today to speak with a professional kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor in Prescott, AZ.

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